Praise – Shadowhunters
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Over 3 years on the New York Times Bestseller list!
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Praise for Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters Novels

The Mortal Instruments

“Prepare to be hooked.”
—Entertainment Weekly

Wildly popular…think Twilight on steroids.”

“[A] smart, funny, romantic read.”

“The Mortal Instruments series is a story world that I love to live in. Beautiful!”
—Stephenie Meyer, Author of Twilight

“A gorgeous fantasy that’s so good, it’s dangerous.”
—Holly Black, Author of The Darkest Park of the Forest

“Hold on tight for a smart, sexy thrill ride.”
—Libba Bray, Author of The Diviners

“A tale edged by lightning, driven by power and love.”
—Tamora Pierce, Author of The Song of the Lioness series

“The new queen of fantasy.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“[W]orking like magic in both bookstores and Hollywood.”
—USA Today

“A completely engrossing series that draws you in before you even think to turn back, The Mortal Instruments may be just the thing to fill the Harry Potter-shaped hole in your heart.”

“Smart, fun, and epic, these books are addictive for all the right reasons.”

City of Bones

“I read this book, lost track of time, and missed my plane. You win this round, Clare.”
—Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Kingkiller Chronicle

“Fans of the smart/chic horror typified by Buffy the Vampire Slayer will instantly fall for this new series.”
—Publishers Weekly

City of Bones has everything: vampires, werewolves, faeries, true love, and stuff that blows up. What’s more, Clare’s characters are brilliant — she better not kill any of them off in the next two volumes!”
Justine Larbalestier, author of Magic or Madness

“This version of New York, full of Buffyesque teens who are trying to save the world, is entertaining and will have fantasy readers anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.”
School Library Journal

“Lush and fun.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“This fast-paced fantastic thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats.”

“With the strong plot, brilliant heroine, and surrounding cast of intriguing and well-developed side characters (including the sexy and tortured Jace), fantasy buffs will be eagerly anticipating the next volume.”

City of Bones is epic urban fantasy at its demented, delightful best. Cassandra Clare is a genius.”
Kelly Link, author of Magic for Beginners

“This novel is so much fun to read! Fast-paced, funny, dark, and exciting.”
Endicott Journal for the Mythic Arts

“It this a fast-paced novel? Yes indeed. Is it a good set-up for the next novels in the series? Quite so. And quite original as well.”

“The complexity of the story, the threads from the past and present intertwined, is reminiscent of the Harry Potter series—and that’s high praise!…This fantasy is truly unforgettable.”

“A non-stop action novel that blends magic with humor, romance with vengeance, resulting in an irresistible labyrinthine tale of rich and (seemingly) infinite subplots.”

“With intense action scenes, big mysteries, amusing characters, and a little teenage angst; this book should be a lot of fun for teens and adults alike.”

“Dagger-sharp, funky, and cool, Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones is among the best of the post-Buffy monster hunter sagas. It’s a blast.”
Christopher Golden, author of The Myth Hunters

“It’s chock-full of exactly the skillful writing you’d expect from Cassandra Clare, so it’s funny and frightening, fast and oddly effortless.”
Cherie Priest, author of I Am Princess X

City of Ashes

“Readers of urban fantasy will devour this deliciously overwrought adventure.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A smart, funny, romantic read.”
Cosmo Girl

“With the plethora of vampire titles published lately, it is difficult to find the good ones, but this one is it—a must-read for all vampire fans.”

“Watch this one fly off the shelves.”

—The Midwest Book Review

“Engrossing, fast-moving, and richly imagined.”
—Maine Examination Collection for Childrens and Young Adult Books

City of Glass

Teen Choice Book of the Year Finalist, Children’s Choice Book Awards

“[R]eaders will almost hear the John Williams music swelling… so much fun.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“[B]ut the action never stops, and the uniting of werewolves, vampires, fairies, and Shadowhunters creates a tantalizing quartet of characters sure to interest all Stephenie Meyer readers.”

“[P]lenty of romance, loss, honor, and betrayal to make the journey worthwhile. An experienced storyteller, Clare moves the plot quickly to a satisfying end.”

“Clare continues her talent for mixing hip, modern humor with traditional fantasy.”

City of Fallen Angels

“The cliff-hanger close will leave series fans clamoring for more.”

“Absorbing urban fantasy.”
The Horn Book

City of Lost Souls

Teen Choice Book of the Year Finalist, Children’s Choice Book Awards

“If a cliffhanger can be considered satisfying, then this book delivers.”

“[R]eaders are sure to devour this last novel.”
Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Clever prose is sprinkled lightly with Buffy-esque quips (“all the deadly sins….Greed, envy, gluttony, irony, pedantry, lust, and spanking”)”
—Kirkus Reviews

City of Heavenly Fire

Teen Choice Book of the Year Finalist, Children’s Choice Book Awards

“Few things in life more satisfying than a long-awaited happy ending, which is exactly what Clare delivers.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“I don’t know what else to say other than the book is a perfect ending to the series… one of those books that you hold in your heart long after finishing.”
—The Guardian

“Sure to leave the faithful hooked yet again.”

“Fans of the series will likely be satisfied with the conclusion.”
School Library Journal

“An exciting send-off!”
Common Sense Media

Clockwork Angel

Teen Choice Author of the Year Finalist, Children’s Choice Book Awards

“Mysteries, misdirection, and riddles abound.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Cassandra Clare, beloved author of the Mortal Instruments series, has scored another hit with this much-anticipated prequel set in a sexy, steampunk Victorian England…be forewarned: Once readers dive into this first book in the Infernal Devices series, they won’t be able to wait for the sequel.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“This crowdpleaser’s tension-filled conclusion ratchets towards a new set of mysteries.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“[C]ompulsively readable…you can bet your sword newcomers to the world will be rushing to read what they’ve missed.”

“The action-heavy plot takes off from the first page, propelling readers toward a dramatic conclusion…”

Clockwork Prince

Teen’s Choice Book of the Year, Children’s Choice Book Awards

“A cliff-hanger ending will leave readers panting for the next installment.”

“A purple page turner.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[W]ill not disappoint fans.”

“[A]n almost Shakespearean rollercoaster ride.”

Clockwork Princess

Teen Choice Book of the Year Finalist, Children’s Choice Book Awards

“Compelling and believable…it may be Clare’s best undertaking to date.”
Entertainment Weekly

“The unusual, satisfyingly indulgent conclusion will leave fans emotionally satiated.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A must-read.”

The Bane Chronicles

“11 clever, touching, and hilarious short stories.”

“Fans of Clare’s books will eagerly devour the 10 short stories…giving readers a unique insight into the characters and events they know from Clare’s other books.”
—School Library Journal

“Bane’s charismatic, over-the-top character is enough to keep one reading.”

“Only for … fans of Magnus Bane—but who isn’t a fan of Magnus Bane?”

Magnus…is the personification of whimsy, careless but likable, and the narratives reveal hidden depths within his secret past. Series fans will likely come looking for the exclusive content and happily stay for the alternative, expanded view of their favorite paranormal warriors.”

The Shadowhunter’s Codex

“An ideal addition for anyone who closely follows the series and is interested in all the background information they can get. An excellent addendum to the complex world Clare has built and meant for the serious fan.”

The Dark Artifices

“Positively aquiver with secret ardor and murderous zeal.”

“Fresh and…wonderfully told.”

“Clare’s well-developed protagonists…, pell-mell action sequences, complicated family dynamics, and fascinating magic system continue to engage.“
—Publishers Weekly

The Last Hours

“Clare delivers a richly imagined fantasy rife with action, intrigue, and smoldering romance.“
—Publishers Weekly