Chain of Iron – Shadowhunters
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Chain of Iron (Audiobook)

The Last Hours Book Two
Chain of Iron

Cordelia Carstairs has dreamed of her wedding her entire life. She’s dreamed of marrying James Herondale her entire life. But now, on the eve of her wedding to James, Cordelia is miserable. While James has agreed to marry her, they both know that their marriage is a sham designed to save Cordelia’s reputation—and that James is still madly in love with the mysterious Grace Blackthorn. But Cordelia’s romantic troubles are soon driven from her mind when a serial killer begins targeting the Shadowhunters of London, and anyone could be next.

Together with James’s trusted friends, the Merry Thieves, Cordelia, James, and Lucie Herondale must follow the trail of the knife-wielding killer through the dark and twisting streets of London. All the while, each is keeping secrets from the others: Lucie, that she is attempting to raise Jesse Blackthorn from the dead; Cordelia, that she has sworn fealty to an ancient mythical warrior whose power she does not truly understand; and James, that he is being drawn further each night into the dark web of his grandfather, the demon Belial, and that he himself may be the killer they seek.

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