April 2019 – Shadowhunters
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April 2019

Shadowhunter Army
Your new Shadowhunter Army briefing
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Calling all Shadowhunter Army recruits

We can’t believe the moment is here—
The Red Scrolls of Magic comes out today!

Are you ready to read this never-before-told tale of romance, demons, and international travel with one of our favorite couples?

Visit the classified section of this briefing for more #MalecAppreciation,
and be sure to forward along this email to trusted friends who are
interested in joining the Shadowhunter Army.

The first book in a new series featuring High Warlock Magnus Bane and Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood as they tour the world after the Mortal War.

The Red Scrolls of Magic



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A Message from Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare

Greetings, Shadowhunter Army!

In honor of the release of The Red Scrolls of Magic, I’d like to share the Malec family Starbucks order, so here it goes!

The Lightwood-Bane family Starbucks order:

Magnus: Nothing—he’s a coffee snob and only drinks
coffee from Dean & DeLuca

Alec: Red-Eye with cream

Rafael: Hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint and whipped cream

Max: Steamed milk with a shot of hazelnut syrup

Happy reading!

Cassandra Clare

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The following intelligence has been

It’s hard to choose a favorite Malec moment from the Shadowhunters novels—there are so very many great options, after all—but we
asked fans to try, and these were their top five.


Your Shadowhunter Army Assignment

The Red Scrolls of Magic is officially on shelves and ereaders everywhere! Spread the love and excitement on social media by posting a photo of YOUR copy of The Red Scrolls of Magic, or sharing the photo below with #ShadowhunterArmy and #RedScrollsOfMagic

Army Assignment


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