June 2018 – Shadowhunters
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June 2018

Shadowhunter Army
Shadowhunter Army: Don't miss Cassandra Clare's interview on Barnes & Noble's new YA podcast! Catch up on the audiobooks narrated by celebrities you love.

Calling all Shadowhunter Army recruits

The days are getting longer, but each one brings us closer to the Dark Artifices finale in December. We know it’s hard to wait, but it will all be worth it!

Read on for this week’s dispatch, and be sure to forward it on to trusted friends who are interested in joining up. Lex mala lex nulla.

A Message from Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare

Greetings, Shadowhunter Army!

Last month, I told you how important it is to know as much as you can about the Shadow World, so here’s another piece of inside information to continue expanding your knowledge:

Shadowhunters generally stay uninvolved during Mundane conflicts like wars, but during the Blitz in London, Tessa Gray served as a nurse with the British Army, and while doing so was able to treat Downworlders and Shadowhunters who had been injured in the conflict without revealing their supernatural natures.

Happy reading!

Cassandra Clare

The following intelligence has been

Last month we brought you a piece of written intelligence in the form of a never-before-released excerpt from Queen of Air and Darkness. But there’s more than one way to tell a story, and we often find that the things we overhear are just as important as the files we intercept.

While we wait for recordings of this upcoming Shadowhunters volume, we’ve been revisiting audio editions of earlier episodes with this top-secret list of celebrity narrators as a guide. Read it carefully, and be sure to listen to the samples within.

8 Shadowhunters Audiobooks Narrated by Celebrities You Love

And for more new behind-the-scenes intelligence,
don’t miss this interview with Cassandra Clare on
Barnes & Noble’s new YA podcast!

Your Shadowhunter Army Assignment

While we wait very, very patiently for Queen of Air and Darkness
to hit shelves, we keep getting drawn back into
Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows!

Just for fun, we picked up our copy of Lady Midnight and
chose the first quote that caught our eye.

Lady Midnight

Don’t get scared, Emma,” he whispered.
Don’t let us go because you’re frightened.”

Your assignment this month
is as follows:

Grab a copy of Lady Midnight or Lord of Shadows, then post a photo of the book on social with the first quote that catches your eye and #ShadowhunterArmy!

We can’t wait to see what you find!

Everything Changes in
Queen of Air and Darkness


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