October 2018 – Shadowhunters
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October 2018

Shadowhunter Army
Your new Shadowhunter Army briefing
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Calling all Shadowhunter Army recruits

We have been busy this month gathering intelligence about Queen of Air and Darkness and have just intercepted some VERY. IMPORTANT. NEWS.

Visit the classified section of this newsletter to find out more, and be sure to forward to trusted friends who are interested in joining up.

A Message from Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare

Greetings, Shadowhunter Army!

In Queen of Air and Darkness, Maryse has reason to sing the song she always sang to Jace when he was a baby again.
(À la claire fontaine m’en allant promener.)

It’s a very emotional scene, and she sings it under unusual circumstances. She’s trying to connect with Jace in a stressful moment, but will it work? We’ll have to wait and see...

Happy reading!

Cassandra Clare

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The following intelligence has been

If you pre-order your copy of Queen of Air and Darkness in any format (hardcover, ebook, or audio) and submit your receipt here, you will
receive a deluxe fairytale retelling booklet featuring
characters from the Shadowhunter world!



US only, while supplies last.
See rules page for complete details.

Your Shadowhunter Army Assignment

In just two short months, Queen of Air and Darkness
will join the Shadowhunters family.

While you wait, celebrate your love for the Shadowhunters novels
by posting a photo of your collection on social media or sharing
the image below with #ShadowhunterArmy!


Everything Changes in
Queen of Air and Darkness

Queen of Air and Darkness



Pre-order your copy of the Dark Artifices series finale today!

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